Saturday, 19 October 2013

Quick Update

Yes I am still around. But life has got even more hectic if that was at all possible.

We've pulled our eldest daughter out of school and are now home schooling, mainly due to issues with the school themselves. She's a lot happier already and it's going well so far. Will post a more in depth post baout this once we've settled into a bit more of a routine.

We're probably moving house soon to avoid extensive travel costs if she does go back into the education system for secondary school. And moving from our small town into the city close by will probably be a better situation for the wife, who doesn't drive.

As part of the home ed we've decided to let the eldest have her own blog, this covers a few aspects of the curriculum and also gives her some freedom of expression which should be good for her. She's very into fashion design so I expect this will be the basis of most of the posts but I hope she also writes about her experiences of home education.

That's it from me for a little while. I'm off to design an assignment for her to help learn Scratch (a free kids programming language of sorts - see for more info.