Friday, 21 June 2013

Bargain of the week - 2 pairs of glasses for £23

This has to be the bargain of the week. There is an offer in the rather excellent weekly email from MoneySavingExpert. com website (the people in the forum and advice on the site were instrumental in me getting myself out of severe debt issues a few years ago) where you can get 2 pairs of prescription glasses for £23 using a combination of an existing offer on the glasses direct website and a discount code in the email -
Now you may be thinking that either you haven't had an eye test for years or you had one within the last 2 years (the length of time they're valid for)  but lost it. Well you have 2 options.  Firstly if you go back to an opticians where you had a test done in the last 2 years they have to provide another copy of the prescription free of charge.  Otherwise it happens that Boots are providing vouchers online for £10 eye tests,  just Google for "Boots eye test voucher"  or something similar -  you should find it. Print the voucher,  take it along to your eye test and only pay a tenner.  If you need glasses you've then got 2 pairs and an up to date prescription for the grand total of £33.
You can use the offer with 2 separate prescriptions as well if you like,  although to get 2 tests for a tenner each you'll need to print 2 vouchers and pay for each test separately.
And having looked at the glasses covered by the offer there are some ratger nice looking ones,  you can even have tint added for another £10 and you have a pair of prescription shades.
Needless to say,  as the offer ends on 24th June,  the wife and I have hastily booked eye tests on Saturday.  If we need new glasses and end up using the offer I'll let you know how it goes....

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