Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gardens and guitars

So some brief updates on what's been going on. Sorry for the long gap between posts but it's been truly manic over the last couple of months.

So, after a patient wait of 2 years (we moved from another county where I had an allotment and had to give it up when we moved) I have been offered an allotment close to where we live! It's a big one, and although having only recently been given up by the previous plotholder (due to them moving rather than neglect on their part) it's looking a little overgrown. This plus the sheer size, plus the time of year, means I've got to get a serious hussle on if I'm to get it into shape and get some things growing in time to be harvested this year. Lovely site though and rather cheap at £24 for the year :)
Pics to follow shortly I'm sure.

Bought an acoustic guitar at a boot fair a couple of weeks ago. I used to play quite a lot, not gigging standard by any means by I just used to enjoy playing songs I liked and messing around with it.

Off to the Chelsea Flower Show next Friday - I've always wanted to go and finally decided to this year. With my Mum rather than the wife (who isn't really a big gardening fan).

I have a photo shoot booked in a couple of weeks time (taking them not posing). A while ago I got into photography and started working with the odd model, by financial and spare time contraints (read: second child) put an early end to it. I'm not planning to make a job out of it or anything - I simply don't have the time with the full time job, family (and now allotment). But I'd like to do a few shoots now and then and focus on doing the kind of stuff I like (no not THAT sort).

On the investments side I've taken a punt on some AIM shares recently in companies that look promising, my main investments are in lower risk funds but I felt like living a little more dangerously, mostly 'penny shares' in low value companies with potential. One is a mining company and one a holdings company, mostly in European property, so we'll see how they pan out over the next few months. I'm glad I pulled out of gold before the 12th April crash, I won't pretend it was an inspired decision as pretty much everyone was predicting the fall, but I'm glad in this case most people were right. I've left a small bit of silver floating around, other than that I think I'll be leaving metals alone for a little while.

That's it for now, I'm off to refresh my memory on crop rotation and chords :)