Saturday, 18 September 2010

Foraging fun

It seems like the hedgerow surrounding the field where our allotment is my provide more food than the actual plot for a while. Whilst potatoes are doign very well they are nowhere near ready, rabbits had the broccoli plants and the rest of what I've cultivated so far is mainly sown with green manure. However after a few walks around the field which has become a tradition at the end of every visit has yielded a multitude of different foods, mainly from the very high and largely untouched hedgerow and collection of trees. Initially we were delighted to discover the biggest blackberries I've ever seen (the largest so far has been a good inch across), however we've also discovered -
Mushrooms - still in the process of carefully identifying though
Several cobnut trees

There are also some blue berries, although we're not sure what these are yet.

We noe have at least 4kg of blackberries in the freezer, the most popular suggestion so far has been wine, as I'm new to home brewing it could turn out to be quite interesting!