Saturday, 31 July 2010

Photos of the plot

So here are some photos of the plot, it looks smaller in the pics than it is when you're standing in it! I've roughly marked with a black line where the plot boundary is.

Ground is clay and currently badly in need of some rain but I got a small part dug over and mixed in some of the plentiful free manure supply (already well rotted luckily). Hopefully if we have some rain later it will soften up the ground enough to get some seed sown but it's not great sowing conditions currently.

New allotment, day one

So it's all ready to go, shoudl be heading off there soon. So far I've ordered carrot, cabbage, chard, potatoes, endive and lollo lettuce seeds, and have some spinach seedlings ready to go in as well. Typically this is the first day for ages it looks like it might actually rain properly, but the ground really needs a good rainfall as it's very dry and hard anyway so I'm not too bothered. At least there's a shelter there!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

We have an allotment!

With the New Allotment Company, which seem to be a little controversial at the moment, but going to have a look on Saturday and we have one reserved. Basically they use land on a farm, already prepared, and provide water, manure, lockable storage, parking, toilets etc etc. More expensive than the council ones but we're still waiting and have about 20 people ahead of us so going down this route we can get planting next weekend hopefully! Shame it's so late in the year, but we would have had to work clearing a council one as they usually only become available when they've been neglected. Oh, and it's 1,000 square foot. So should pay back for itself reasonably well.